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a composite material (or just composite) is a mixture of two or more materials with properties superior to the materials of which it is made. many common examples of composite materials can be found in the world around us. wood and bone are examples of natural composites.

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the vegetable world is full of examples where cells or groups of cells are 'designed' for strength and stiffness. a sparing use of resources has resulted in optimisation of the cell functions. cellulose is a natural polymer with high strength and stiffness per weight, and it is the building material of long fibrous cells.

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a composite material (also called a composition material or shortened to composite, which is the common name) is a material made from two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties that, when combined, produce a material with characteristics different from the individual components.

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examples of composite materials as the world-leader in composite manufacturing, ice uses a variety of composite materials to create high-quality, custom products of all shapes, sizes, and complexities.

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natural or biological composites are reviewed with a number of appropriate examples: human bone and teeth, wood, pearls, mother of pearl, and related shell structures. there are many examples and variances of composite systems in the natural or biological world. if one stands before a mirror, the ...

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simply composite materials or composites are consistents of two or more materials called “constituents “ each has its own mechanical and physical properties to form an individual material with a different properties. the composite examples depend on the purposes of the material uses. civil: concrete. mechanical: automotive parts.

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composites are not the same as alloys, such as brass or bronze. alloys are formed in such a way that it is impossible to tell one component from the other. some common composite materials include concrete, fiberglass, mud bricks, and natural composites such as rock and wood.

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binds together fibres or fragments of the other material, which is called the reinforcement. modern examples the first modern composite material was fibreglass. it is still widely used today for boat hulls, sports equipment, building panels and many car bodies. the matrix is a plastic and the

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generally, inorganic materials contain traces of organic materials, and vice versa. inorganic natural materials are, by definition, unprocessed. sand, for example, is an inorganic natural material composed of silica and other minerals; glass is a processed synthetic product of silica and other additives.

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examples of composites can be seen day in and day out, and surprisingly, they can be found all throughout the house. below are a few examples of composite materials that we come in contact with on a daily basis in our homes.

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